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About us

We, at NeoTax, work hard to provide you with a range of services from payroll, VAT agenda, through entire accounting and tax advisory. As we know how hard is to get around with all those rules and laws - expecially if you don´t speak the language, we try to speak to our clients in a way to understand the issues. This means individual and customized services. No matter if you are a small or medium sized company, or self-employed person. We supply our services not only to local clients, but also to international clients who operate on the Czech market. To make sure, we do it properly, we are certified via ISO 9001 process. You can focus on whatever you are expert in, we help you with finances.


  • Individual approach to our clients
  • Quality and professional specialized services
  • Highly oriented in accounting and tax issues
  • Complex services at one place (point)
  • Full representation toward authorities
  • Reasonable pricing


Our services


Maintaining of accounting and tax records of physical and legal entities based in CzechRepublic and abroad.

Processing of accounting and all tax returns.

Representation of clients in the financial and tax offices.

Tax services
and advisory

Processing of all types of tax returns.

Representing clients in tay proceedings.

Tax advisory.

Payroll and wage

Complex processing of payroll and wages.

Processing of statements for social security and health insurance.

Ensuring of staff contracts.

and other services

Representing clients in any dealings with authorities and government.

Administrative help with setting up small and medium-sized companies.


Accounting services

  • Accounting for legal and physical entities
  • Maintaining of tax records
  • Processing of accounting, financial statements and reports
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly financial statements for offices
  • Representation of clients in financial and tax offices
  • Reconstruction of accounting
  • Accounting advisory
  • Our goal is to help you to manage and understand accounting so you can concentrate onyour professional activities. By using our services you can avoid business risks. We help you solvevarious problems and situations that business brings. We provide quality, timely, reliable andaccurate bookkeeping and accounting.


Tax services and advisory

  • With responsibility and professionalism will prepare taxes and all tax returns. Wewill help you to orientate yourself in a complicated tax system and help you to find the besttax solutions under the relevant laws.
  • We will prepare for you:

    • All tax returns
    • Property taxes (property tax, road tax)
    • Income tax returns for physical and legal entities
    • Inheritance tax, gift tax and real estate transfer
    • Value added tax and excise duty
    • Deferral of tax returns
    • Tax advisory
    • Preparing the annual report for the Social Security and health insurance


Payroll and wage sservices

  • Calculation of wages and premium paymentsí
  • Proceeding of reports for pensionary additional benefits
  • The calculation of deductions from wages and advances on income tax
  • Cooperation with the client in dealings with the Social Security Administration
  • Statutory insurance
  • Registration and deregistration of workers at the Social Security Administration andthe competent health insurance company


Administration and other services

  • We represent clients in negotiations with authorities
  • We provide services for emerging companies or for foreign firms entering the Czechmarket
  • Administration help in setting up companies
  • Individual administrative services for Czech and foreign clients, drawing up documentsand contracts, registration clients in offices
  • Effective communication in English


Price list

Accounting and payroll services

  • Accounting services for VAT registered
    from 90,-
    EUR / month
  • Accounting services for Non VAT registered
    from 60,-
    EUR / month
  • Payroll services
    from 15,-
    EUR / item
  • Tax services and advisory
    EUR / hour
  • Administrative and other services
    EUR / hour
  • Detailed price list is available HERE


Office adress
Jemnická 1, 140 00, Praha - BB Centrum, budova D